About Marbella - buying and renting

This municipality in the province of Malaga is located in the western part of the Costa del Sol, half way to Gibraltar and in the lower area of Sierra Blanca. This municipality is crossed by the motorway and the Mediterranean highway which are the main accesses to Marbella.

Marbella as a municipality occupies 27 km of coast and hosts a great amount of golf courses and small residential areas; it’s the chosen place by many tourists to buy a holiday home or where to live after retirement.

The main population cores are in Marbella and San Pedro de Alcantara, as well as in the districts of Nueva Andalucia and Las Chapas.

History of Marbella

As it was during the Arab dominion, the inhabitants of Marbella still maintain the same name; the locals are called “Marbellies” or “Marbelli”, as Marbella was dominated by the Muslim kingdom for many centuries. We’ll analyse its rich history of Marbella in the link.

Places of interest

Marbella offers the visitor a great amount of places to visit, the large number of centuries gone by provide an important cultural and archaeological richness:

  • The old town: Covers the old walled grounds and encompasses the ‘Barrio Alto’ (the high neighbourhood) which is located north and the ‘Barrio Nuevo’ (the new neighbourhood), to the east.
  • The Golden Mile is the long road where one can spot some of the most luxurious houses on the Costa del Sol and some of the most popular hotels in Marbella like the Hotel Melia Don Pepe, the Hotel Puente Romano and the Marbella Club.
  • San Pedro de Alcantara. We must highlight 2 buildings in San Pedro de Alcantara: - Trapiche de Guadaiza, which is one of the first industrial buildings in this town, a sugar factory of a high historical value. - Ingenio Azucarero, where today we’ll find the cultural centre El Ingenio. Near San pedro are some of Marbella’s most important archaeological sites.
  • Las Chapas district. Here is one of the Phoenician findings that date back to the 7th century before our era, near the mines of iron from where this mineral was extracted back in ancient times.

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