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Meet Julie and Neil Flaxman


“We moved to the coast to enjoy an outdoor life. Like you, we´re drawn to the sun, the ocean, the mountains. The Costa del Sol is a special place and we take great joy in finding people´s perfect home here,” says Julie. “We started to sell homes on the Costa del Sol back in 2004. With our years of experience and special relationship with clients, we decided to set up Flaxman Estates with the sole purpose of finding people their dream home, in the perfect area. We offer a high quality, honest service. We operate with total transparency, holding your hand throughout the entire process of buying or selling your property. We don´t waste time showing you a home in an area we know you hate, or that will never work for you and your family. No fuss, no drama. We listen to you and we understand your dreams, because we´ve been in your shoes. “At Flaxman Estates, we don´t stop until we´ve found the ideal location and the best property for you.” Julie Flaxman Trust Flaxman Estates to find your dream home on the Costa del Sol.