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The Web will only use 'Cookies' when the user has given his consent, according to what indicated in the pop-up browser when the user first accesses the web.

Our Cookies Policy aims to help understand the use of cookies, the purpose of the cookies used and the possible options the user has to manage them. The published policy is subject to regular updates.

Users can access this information at any time by "Privacy and Cookies" link enabled on the web. Users can change the preferences on the acceptance of cookies through your browser options. In the section "Changing cookie settings" for more information.

What options do I have?

You can perform the following actions:

Accepting cookies: No notice displayed again when accessing any page of the web.

Do nothing: The message is displayed always access any Web page. If you continue to browse we consider accepting the use of cookies.

Change cookie settings: You can delete cookies from the Web and modify the configuration of your navigation. But this does not prevent the notice of cookies is displayed when accessing the web again.


What is a cookie?

A "cookie" is a small text file that a website stores in the user's browser. Cookies make using and navigating a website and are essential to the operation Internet, providing many advantages in providing interactive services.

Thus, for example, they are used to manage the user session (reducing the number of times to enter the password), or to tailor web content to your preferences, among other facilities.

More information

In the guidance on the use of cookies Agency Data Protection different types of cookies are detailed.

What types of cookies we use?

1. Depending on who manages:

Cookies themselves: they are those sent to your browser from our computers or web domains and from which the requested service is provided.

Third-party cookies are those that are sent to your browser from a computer or web domain that does not manage us, but a collaborating entity as may be Google Analytics.

2. Depending on the time they are active:

Session cookies are those that remain in the cookie file of your browser until you leave the website, so that no remains on your device.

Persistent cookies are those that remain on your device and reads our website every time you make a return visit. These cookies stop working past a certain date.

3. Depending on its purpose:

Cookies techniques are those that improve navigation and proper functioning of our website. Customization Cookies: they are those that allow access to the service with predefined depending on a number of criteria features. They serve, for example, to choose the language of the web.

Cookies analysis: they are statistically to measure and analyze the use made of the service. They serve for example to find out who visit the website.


 Cookies we use: We use cookie only for the users to be able to bookmark their favourite properties and access them when they come back to the website. This cookie doesn't contain any personal data (because there's no login/register functionality on the website), just ref. number of properties. Valid for 30 days.


Third party service providers on our domain, data processor:

MailChimp is a service provided by The Rocket Science Group LLC for users to share information by email marketing. Export data and it has been certified in the Privacy Shield Framework. More information

Google Analitics. It is a software application for Google Inc. web analytics. The cookies collect anonymous data about users browsing the web in order to know the origin of visits, the number of times they have visited the site, the keywords used, and other statistical data. More information on

RedLine Solutions SLU. It is a provider of hosting, web developer, and manage the marketing campaign. Collects information about user activity on the web for advertising purposes. More information Resales Andalucia SL It is a CRM cloud provider where we keep the customer data, and use for listing purpose, more info

Microsoft 365, we use for mail, more info

 Zapier, provide automation process, more info


 Change cookie settings

You can restrict, block or delete cookies from the Web by configuring your browser preferences. Likewise, you can turn on private browsing option by your browser will not store browsing history, their passwords, cookies and other information in the pages you visit. In each browser cookie settings is different, the function "Help" will show you how to do it, however we indicate links direct of the main browsers on the subject:

InternetExplorer (links)




Finally, note that blocking cookies may affect all or some functionality of the web.

THE COMPANY reserves the right to modify the present policy of privacy of data adapt to new legislation and jurisprudence, as well as interpretative criteria of this regulation to be published by the EU or Spanish data Protection Agency.

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Basic information about Data Protection

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Recipients: Data Processors

Rights: You may access, rectify and delete the data, as well as other rights, such as explains in the additional information

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